Offbeat Earth Wedding Week – Weird Wedding Cakes

It’s wedding week here are Offbeat Earth. Since June is the unofficial start of the summer wedding season, we thought it’d be fun to dedicate some posts to the crazy things people do for (because of?) love. Today we’re starting out with weird wedding cakes.

For some, a wedding cake is just another part of the menu for the reception. For others, the wedding cake is as much of a statement of the couple’s personality as their first dance song or where they go on their honeymoon. And in most cases, that statement is a bit confusing. Ponderous. Even head-scratchin’, if you will.

We’ve gathered some images from around the Web of some of these cakes that just make you go “hmmmm.” They don’t exactly scream romance to us.

Deer hunter cakeThat severed deer hoof in front of the cake sure is appetizing.


Doorway wedding cakeIs this the doorway to their future? The bathroom? Narnia?


Fish tank wedding cakeHaving their dogs walk down the aisle wasn’t enough for these pet lovers, the fish had to be involved too.


zombie wedding cakeBecause there’s nothing more romantic than the bloody undead.


Guns wedding cakeThis marriage is already doomed.


Pillows wedding cakePillow fight anyone?


lifesize-wedding-cakeBecause it’s HER DAY, damnit!

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