Unusual Bathroom Signs

Here’s a nice refreshment on the typical boring bathrooms signs you see everyday.


Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

88 Responses to “Unusual Bathroom Signs”
  1. Fred says:

    At the Oregon Coast, I once went to a place that had the words “Buoys” and “Gulls” on the bathroom doors.

  2. Zord says:

    VERY NICE!! LOl..

  3. TheGabe says:

    And I bet you thought it was hilarious, didn’t you Fred?
    That last one with the ropes was the best.

  4. blaah says:

    the last one is the best

  5. Graouh says:

    The Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Bergen, Norway has one toilet door labelled “Mna” and another labelled “Fir”. One is white, the other one is green. I use the righthand bathroom, if I recall correctly.

  6. Wheelsofire says:

    Mná is Irish for women and fir is men. We opened a pub in the 70s and my mother wanted to use Shake-dry and Drip-Dry on the toilet doors.

  7. Orville says:

    There used to be a local seafood restaurant that had them labelled “Sooks” and “Jimmies” with paintings of female and male crabs. You had to know the difference!

  8. Tyler says:

    omg these are so fucking funny .. jajajajajajajja wow. these are nice.
    The last one i didnt get untill like after a minuet..

  9. Sam says:

    At a diner in Indiana, one door has life size picture of James Dean and the other of Marilyn Monroe. I loved it.

  10. Eric says:

    At a bar called “Sam’s Boat” in Houston, Texas the signs were “Inboard” and “Outboard.” I was looking for the bathroom and passed them right by until I gave it a second thought.

  11. Communist says:

    haha the last one with the ropes is the best

  12. Hizzoner says:


  13. JT says:

    Some of those are somehow too graphic. I like the ropes but wander wether I would actually get it if I were standing there.

  14. techscribe says:

    In Bangalore there was a pub that had `Olivia Newton John’ on the women’s room and `Elton John’ on the Men’s room

  15. Jess says:

    The last one is my favourite, very artistic.

  16. banji says:

    I lol at the last one :)

  17. tomtom says:

    We had a place in town with two specified doors directly opposite each other. The men knew by instinct to go left, because women are always right.

  18. Joe says:

    I once saw one that said in large print MEN and then in much smaller print “this is the ladies room. please use the one across the hall.” and vice versa for the women’s.

  19. lajollajim says:

    I dont understand the elephant head on the last one? It looks like the pull the elephant trunk game that my uncle plays with me late at night in my bed

  20. KStyle says:

    @lajollajim…what you see there is something called a representation, of a penis. NOT an elephant…Unless your uncle did it with you.

  21. Lulz, all around. Love the Lego one.

  22. Bob says:

    What I cant believe is the one where they’re trying to get guys to sit down and piss. If I walked in and saw that I’d piss everywhere in that stall except in the toilet.

  23. lajollajim says:

    A penis?? That is pretty small for a penis?? Mine is average sized, at least 7 inches non erect

  24. rookie23 says:

    well the sign certainly helps[?] O_o

  25. Quartermeat says:


  26. Jonas says:

    The one of São Jorge and Yemanjá is really nice (10th picture).

  27. noname says:

    The first, ninth, tenth, and eleventh were photoshopped. The tenth and eleventh didn’t even make pretenses toward being actual signs.

  28. Amadeus says:

    I like how the one about sitting down to pee also thinks you should never wear your hat backwards. BLASPHEMY!!! hahaha I thought it was a ‘shemale’ toilet sign for a second too

  29. Poop says:

    ZOMG lolz !!!11one!! 1 that iz teh funny!

  30. Gremlin says:

    Oh my lord! I LOVE THESE.
    I wish you saw more of these around!

  31. katybear826 says:

    The one about sitting down to pee makes me laugh, because if you look at the toilet, the seat is up, so somebody obviously didn’t.

    Funny all around. Stumbled and thumbs up.

  32. MR. ILARIJS says:

    Some are really funny!!! :D

  33. dipi says:

    the funniest sign would be the one of the golfer putting the ball toward the urinal,lol

  34. Carm says:

    this is hillarious where do they find these things?? fancy restauraunts? lol

  35. mageen says:

    a restaurant in san francisco had “us” and “them” on the doors.

  36. corbin sentern says:

    I heard about a bar that actually had pictures of male and female genitals to tell which bathroom was mens and which was womens.

  37. Sarasarisamy says:

    Why make so much fuzz about john? Make it bisexual, sit back and relax!!!!

  38. jim mahar 5/17/2008 says:

    was a watering hole, ceramic facilites were labeled ,boys town – no mans land

  39. ...Anonomous... says:

    These were disgusting! What is WRONG with people these days?!?! That rope one was funny, tho…

  40. i stumbled this says:

    lol i “stumbled upon” this

  41. Webcatcher says:

    Stumbled on this one (as other before me, I see) and had a laugh. Great stuff, and great inspiration for an idea on another blog I have…. Thanks! Made my day

  42. AWAD says:


  43. Ron says:

    The rope one! Nice, very nice!

  44. lee says:

    naw the 8th one down was the best, the one with the man looking over the door

  45. aaa says:

    i tire of the fartng comments… somebody off them

  46. nivek says:

    i thought most were hilarious, some were cute, and how could you not figure out what the rope and hoop meant??

  47. NOGoddess says:

    Best response I ever got to asking where the women’s room was located was at a gay bar – “it’s the one with the fish over the door.” Sure enough, a large model of a fish was hung over the women’s room door.

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