Tribute to the food of China


4 Responses to “Tribute to the food of China”
  1. Delicious says:

    You fat assed Americans are such morons.

    I hope you starve to death during the coming American Economic Collapse because you are too stuck up to eat something that is not manufactured by some Chemical company,

    How much do you weigh, fatboy?

  2. cat_eye says:

    to “Delicious” who commented on the 25th. Here’s my belly ( , but I’m not telling you how much I weigh.

    Way to go OBE!

  3. lmfao says:

    *LAUGHS UNCONTROLLABLY* wow your so right just because we don’t eat whatever the fuck is lying around or our household animals makes us stupid American’s! Ha that’s funny jackass hope your country gets hit with another typhoon or bomb or something asshole.

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