The weirdest cars

This post began with photos of just one weird car.  However after realizing how many bizarre cars are out there, I decided to create a compilation of the weirdest cars I could find.

At first glance, this car may just look like an old Subaru:

But take a look from a different angle:

Behold, the “VolksAru.”  Front-half Subaru, back-half Volkswagon.  Complete with two engines, two shifters, and a nasty split personality.

Here is another car with a split personality.  Not to be confused with Livio Di Marchi’s wooden car.  This car was built by Vasily Lazarenko.  He quit his job and sold his two cars to finance the hobby.  Russia Today has the complete story.

This next one takes the “monster truck” to a whole new level

I’m not sure how much hauling this little Mini will do

Another Mini, but this one is covered in over a million Swarvoski crystals-blinged out!

And if you thought Minis were the only extremely tiny cars, guess again

Imagine if the UPS guys pulled up in this van, you’d never look at him the same!

The UPS driver above has a brother who drives a school bus, but not just any old school bus, a Cadillac Escalade short bus!

The next vehicles definitely have a foot fetish.  The first are tow trucks from Lincoln’s Toe Truck in Seattle:


The fastest stiletto you’ll ever see

How about food inspired cars?  As if we don’t eat enough fast food as it is, these cars will get us there quicker!

The Hamburger Harley

McDonald’s: “I’m loving it,” but not loving this car!  Note to the owner: thank you for advertising the size of your rims, now we won’t have to measure.

The owner of this M&M inspired ride must be buddies with Ronald McDonald above

I love the fishes cause there so delicious…Remind anyone of the Weiner Mobile?

Another fishy car


Rather than filling cars with water, the next cars are made to travel in the water, aka amphibious vehicles.

The Rinspeed Splash broke a record by crossing the English Channel.  It converts from a driving car to one that flies across the water with the touch of a button.


The Land Tug, built by Brian Egan

After building two hot rods that won the awards of Hot Rod and Street Machine of the year in 1982 and 1986, Rick Dobbertin came out with this thing, the Dobbertin Surface Orbiter.  Before running out of cash, the hydrocar logged 27,300 land miles and 3,000 ocean miles, and completed the first amphibious transit of the Panama Canal.

This is the new concept car for Hummer, the Wild West Special Edition Hummer H3.

Not really, but it is a piece of art on display in a London art gallery.  Matthew Harrison swapped the 32-inch offroading tires for authentic wagon wheels.

Another weird Hummer

These last cars are some of the oddest I found, and are so random that they don’t belong in any category other then their own-WEIRD

Flower Power-I bet the 60’s are wishing they had thought of this!

Not only does this car’s owner have a lot of time on their hands, but also insane taste and a lot of junk.

Remember the Shaggin’ Wagon from Dumb and Dumber?

This one takes the cake!!

Where on Earth did they find a thong that size?!

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