The strangest toilets from around the world

World Toilet Day is November 19.  So in preparation for this holiday, Offbeat Earth welcomes you into the world of toilets.  In this post we will uncover the oddest toilets from around the globe, provide interesting facts, and even supply information about a toilet-shaped house!  Yes, you read it right!

Did you know?!?  According to the San Diego Union, the odds are 1 in 10,000 (0.001%) that you will be injured by a toilet this year.  Watch out!  You should probably avoid this toilet, ouch!

These are some of the oddest toilets I have ever seen

Think this is photoshopped?  Guess again! – Watch more free videos 



How much more intimate can you get than sharing a toilet?  Gross, no thank you!

Talk about stage fright!

Spend a lot of time in the bathroom?  These toilets let you play games, and get your work done!

Urinals don’t discriminate.  Check out these made for women, priests and even DOGS

Music lovers can now jam out as they let it out (first two available at Jammin Johns)

These artists have used toilet seats as artwork

 Nancy Curnow

 Lesley Phillips

These portable toilets take Port-a-Potties to the next level

What’s still to come in the toilet world?  The Future Toilet, created by the Future Toilet Company (how appropriate) is working on a toilet that will end all arguments about men leaving the seat up.  The company’s design features a lever that raises the cover and seat for men, and automatically lowers the seat when flushed.  This way, women will always be greeted with the seat down.  It also eliminates unneccessary touching of the seat and lid.

Toilet wars broke out in Japan in 2002 when two competing manufacturers battled for toilet nirvana.  Matshushita engineers developed a toilet equipped with electrodes that release mild electric charges through the users’ buttocks, providing a digital reading of BMI.  Rival company Inax countered with a glow in the dark toilet that plays music while in use.  Toto, Japan’s Toilet Giant developed the Wellyou2, which measures the users’ urine sugar levels.  To read the complete story, visit this site.

What must be the most outrageous part of this post, is the toilet-shaped house

The house is named Haewoojae, which means “place to solve one’s worries,” and it is located in Suweon.  It was built by Sim Jae-duck, the chairman of the organizing committee of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association.  It was completed and unveiled last November, in honor of World Toilet Day.







You too can stay in this house for a mere $50,000 a night.  Who knew how outrageous the world of toilets really is!?


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