The biggest animals in the world

This is a collection of the largest animals in the world.  You may have heard of some of them, but hopefully a few will be new.  Enjoy this colossal compilation.

Prominent Pets

Heaviest Dog: An Engligh Mastiff named Kell holds the World Record for heaviest dog, weighing in at 294 pounds!

Tallest Dog: The world’s tallest dog is a Harlequin Great Dane named Gibson.  Visit the dog’s own homepage for more pictures and stories.

Big Kitties: Maine Coons are cats that can grow to be ginormous!

Questioning the authenticity? See for yourself.

Sizable Sea Life

Giant Sea Stars measuring 24 inches across

This Giant Catfish caught in northern Thailand is almost 9 feet longs and weighs 646 pounds!

Colossal Squid

Mammoth Mammals

British Giant Rabbits (Breed’s website)

Biggest Horse: An Australian shire horse named Noddy weighs 1300kg and is still growing!

Royal Reptile: Galapagos Giant Tortoise

Remarkable Rodents

Capybara are the largest rodents in the world.  Adults can grow over 4 feet tall!

Nutria weigh about 20 pounds and have orange teeth.  Although valued for its fur, its invasive feeding habits have spurred programs to control the population of the animal.

Creepy Crawlers

The Goliath Tarantula is the largest spider on Earth.


The Goliath Beetle is the biggest insect on Earth.  They can grow to 4.5 inches, and sound like a toy helicopter when flying.

Giant Centipede: this centipede is shown attacking an eating a bat.

 Coconut Crab: also referred to as Garbage Crabs, this crab is huge and is named for its ability to pierce coconuts with its claws.

If you think we left any GARGANTUAN animals out, let us know by attaching a picture or providing some info in the comment section below.

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