Offbeat Earth Wedding Week – Weird Wedding Themes

Most weddings have a color scheme, but few had a wedding theme. But for those bride and grooms who share a passion for a certain movie, TV show, video game, sport or anything else, it’s the only way to go.

BuzzFeed recently published “30 Nerdy Weddings,” a photo gallery of some of the best sci-fi theme weddings out there. Here are a few of our favorites:

Superhero wedding

Star Trek wedding

Shrek wedding

StarWars stormtrooper wedding

To see the entire BuzzFeed gallery, click here.

Weekly WTF? – Cub Scouts to Offer Badge For Video Gaming

cubscoutRemember when our young boys were taught how to build fires, set snares, identify poisonous berries, and help old ladies across the street?

Neither do the Cub Scouts, apparently!

The editors of Offbeat Earth are wondering how many multi-kills your 9 year old will need on Modern Warfare 2 to earn the Pwnage and l33t badges.

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