Dog Toy Camera

If you ever think your dog looks like a complete goof while running around with a toy, you should see their face from the toy’s perspective! Youtube user Lorduss1 attached a portable GoPro camera to the end of a stick before giving it to his energetic dog for a romp in the snow. Those eyes!

Weird Sports: Chess Boxing

We’ve all heard of sporting events being described as a chess match, with the competitors strategizing and managing the game down to every minute detail, but this takes the analogy to a whole new level. Sports fans, we give you chess boxing.

Far from a backyard phenomenon, chess boxing has existed on a professional level for nearly a decade. Originating in Europe, this test of both mind and body has spread to include clubs all over the world. Frankly we can’t think of a smarter way to get a concussion…

So, how does it work? Well, according to the World Chess Boxing Organization (WCBO), the sport’s sanctioning body, competitors face off against each other in six four-minute chess rounds, with five three-minute boxing rounds in between. You can win with a checkmate in the chess portion, or with a K.O. in the boxing portion. Matches last 24 minutes total, and competitors are given one minute between rounds to change their gear (we’re guessing that playing chess in boxing gloves probably wouldn’t work too well).

To date, the WCBO has crowned eight world champions in three different weight classes, with another world championship set to be held in Berlin on June 24th. The sport seems to be gaining popularity, and serves as a humble reminder to never make fun of the chess team.

Green art

Would you have guessed that this sculpture, by Chakaia Booker, was made completely out of old tires?  It’s amazing what all people have created out of the old pieces of rubber.


Freaky Friday Fright Night

Happy Halloween everyone!  Hopefully this day will bring fun times and lots of candy to all.  If you haven’t seen our Pumpkin Post yet, check it out!


The weirdest cars

This post began with photos of just one weird car.  However after realizing how many bizarre cars are out there, I decided to create a compilation of the weirdest cars I could find.

At first glance, this car may just look like an old Subaru:


Bigger is Better!

Bigger really IS better, especially when it comes to toys and games.


Being covered in paint is not always such a bad thing

Human bodies become the canvas for some pretty spectacular paintings!



How many pumpkins are in the picture?

If you said three, take another look!

As everyone knows, Halloween is fast approcahing.  Have you carved your pumpkins yet?  If you haven’t, this post may provide a few ideas.  If you have, then these pumpkins may put yours to shame.


The biggest animals in the world

This is a collection of the largest animals in the world.  You may have heard of some of them, but hopefully a few will be new.  Enjoy this colossal compilation.

Prominent Pets

Heaviest Dog: An Engligh Mastiff named Kell holds the World Record for heaviest dog, weighing in at 294 pounds!


The strangest toilets from around the world

World Toilet Day is November 19.  So in preparation for this holiday, Offbeat Earth welcomes you into the world of toilets.  In this post we will uncover the oddest toilets from around the globe, provide interesting facts, and even supply information about a toilet-shaped house!  Yes, you read it right!

Did you know?!?  According to the San Diego Union, the odds are 1 in 10,000 (0.001%) that you will be injured by a toilet this year.  Watch out!  You should probably avoid this toilet, ouch!


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