Extremely Creepy Taxidermy

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured questionable taxidermy here at Offbeat Earth, but artist Enrique Gomez De Molina’s creations may take the cake.

De Molina combines aspects of different animals into his taxidermy sculptures, claiming his purpose is to raise awareness of so many of the earth’s creatures dying off. Whether or not this is art is up to you, but his pieces do often fetch thousands of dollars at auction.

All photos: Enrique Gomez De Molina.

Cat Pause

Do you have an unruly feline in your life? Well, a recent YouTube clip has been making the rounds showing that a simple paper binder clip is all you need to “deactivate” your cat.

Now before you start complaining about animal abuse, remember that cats pick up their kittens by the scruff of the neck all the time, and it’s instinctual for the kittens to remain basically motionless when being carried.

And as always, we at Offbeat Earth do not endorse controlling your animals with office supplies.

4th of July Pets (subtitle: animals who hate their owners)

A while back we posted a photo gallery of some unfortunate American flag outfit choices. Today, in honor of 4th of July weekend, we’re doing something similar although it’s much sadder. The outfits you see are all star-spangled and patriotic, but their wearers don’t have a choice in donning said outfit.

Yes, it’s pets whose owners have forced them to dress up for the 4th of July. And although we can handle a small handkerchief or t-shirt on a dog, some of these go far FAR beyond that (in fact, we’re pretty sure the last picture is just plain animal abuse).

So when it comes to celebrating Independence Day this weekend, please, don’t choose to do it this way.

4th of July weiner dogs


4th of July labrador

4th of July cat

4th bulldog

4th-of-july chihuahua

independence day weiner dog

4thofjulykitty abuse

See what we mean? This last picture is just plain wrong. Want to see more animal abuse costuming? Then visit this Tumblr blog.

The Octopus Ballet

Apparently the new big thing with the deep sea set is making YouTube videos of strange octopi swimming and setting the videos to classical music. Hence the name Octopus Ballet.

Although the videos aren’t terribly exciting, they do suck you in. They are strangely hypnotic and somewhat soothing; watching one is kind of like listening to a fountain gurgle.

I still prefer “Creatures of the Deep” type of videos, but the Octopus Ballet is growing on me. What do you think?
You Tube video of the “Dumbo Octopus” performing his octopus ballet

You Tube video of the “Dumbo Octopus” performing his octopus ballet
You Tube video of the “Dumbo Octopus” performing his octopus ballet
You Tube video of the “Cirate Octopus” performing his octopus ballet
You Tube video of the “Cirate Octopus” performing his octopus ballet

Good Morning!

Watch this with your morning cup of joe. It’s guaranteed to get your day started off right.

Sloth-y Saturday

I hope you all are enjoying a nice lazy Saturday. While you’re recovering from last nite, enjoy this hilarious sketch from the folks over at SNL.

Dogs: Take Cover!


It amazes me what people will do to avoid a couple of chores. Here’s the latest invention in dog washing. The Dog-O-Matic is essentially a washing machine that you put your dog in. It takes about thirty minutes for a full wash, with prices ranging from $20 to $45, depending on the size of your dog. Just like your laundry machine, you choose the size of the dog, the wash cycle you want, and then you press start. According to French inventor Romain Jarry, the dogs don’t mind. However, this one doesn’t look too happy, and I can’t imagine mine would be either. As of now, there’s only one machine in France, but they plan on expanding to the United Kingdom. So, all those British dogs better start behaving pronto!


They Dress Horses, Don’t They

I’m anti-dressing up pets in costumes for the most part, and I think it’s an exceptionally bad idea for an animal large enough to kill you with one good kick. But there’s no stopping a crazy lady. This lady makes traditional Bavarian Dirndl costumes for women and horses.


Don’t tell the horse, but pink is not a flattering color on her (at least I hope it’s a her).


Hide and Seek?


These animals have developed the natural ability to camouflage with their surrounding habitats … so much, in fact, that I can’t even find the animals in a couple of these photos. Can you? (more…)


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