You’re A Grand Ole Flag… Except In These Cases

Today is Flag Day, the day to honor our beloved Stars & Stripes. We love the flag as any red-blooded American, but sometimes there is such a thing as taking it too far. These questionable American Flag outfit choices don’t seem to honor the flag as much as dishonoring it with their tackiness.

american flag leggings

Not even supermodels can make these leggings look good

Katy Perry american flag halter top

Katy Perry might be the only person who can pull this off - and even then only when she's in concert

american flag fanny pack

Fanny packs are ugly enough on their own - no need to add stars, stripes & sequins to the mix

American Flag sling shot bikini


American Flag wedding gown

Maybe if you're representing the U.S. in the Miss Universe Pageant?

tacky American Flag clothing

This guy just doesn't know when to quit

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