Rated X for X-Ray

We guarantee this content is safe for work, unless you grew up in Chernobyl.

These images are from a calendar by an X-Ray machine company.












49 Responses to “Rated X for X-Ray”
  1. anon says:

    I’d hit it

  2. L says:

    I came.

  3. alex says:

    yall are too much. but on both comments…yeah, me too.

  4. Ana says:

    Just as I’ve thought: sluts have no heart!

    Just kidding :P Loved the calendar!

  5. asdf says:

    I’d love to bone her.

  6. Tiago says:

    talk about eating disorder…


  7. pewpew says:

    lol @ the bone comment.

  8. tuco says:

    If these are real, and they are all of the same person, that girl oughtta sue for radiation poisoning

  9. jjmp5 says:

    nah shell be fine she took some radX before going in

  10. prawn says:

    they are cadaver keep fantasizing.

  11. the dudster says:

    she died of cancer….ass cancer.hehe

  12. Some people says:

    @the dudster: Really? That’s the best snide remark you could come up with?

  13. JaneD says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys. This is wonderfully clever art. This is all that we’re made of in the end. I love it.

  14. jim john says:

    thats someones daughter

  15. Johnny Jim says:

    And that daughter is one who did these photos. Doesn’t mean she didn’t expect those comments.

  16. kuk says:

    fine ass she got der…woohooo!! BAMM!!

  17. Dave Malden says:


  18. Seriously Folks says:

    Damn, look at those tibias!

  19. MatrixStarr says:

    I wonder how many people have viewed this and beat off… It’s an honest question.

  20. Airy says:

    actually pretty sexy.

  21. alice says:

    i love the human body.

    what a refreshing take on sexuality!


    those chicks are damn sexy.

  22. nnn says:

    Came buckets

  23. J-Kin says:

    the skull is mine!!!

  24. Bring On The Puns says:

    Nice set of lungs.

  25. zee says:

    Very ill people , very ill

  26. Fruity says:

    He’s beautiful. I want to meet him. What do you mean this is not a dating site? Ooooppps, sorry! (Well I didn’t know, I must have clicked on the wrong tab or something. Which one is the dating site? This guy’s got me really horny. I need to get fixed up quick!)

  27. Curran says:

    I got a boner

    get it?


  28. paulpearce says:

    lolol@ jjmp5.
    stoked for new vegas?

  29. Interesting Images…. This X – Ray images are also very sexy….

  30. Shran says:

    Nicest detail, No wedding ring !

  31. anon says:

    unfortunately, the lovely girl who had these photos done is now dead due to radiation causes.

  32. anon says:

    but otherwise good :D (my last comment above)

  33. Anonymous says:

    Cute shoes.

  34. annonnnn says:

    anorexic fetish
    sooo very wrong

  35. its most likely 3d. i can make a 3d model in no time.

  36. jack says:

    someone needs to come up with “best comments” website. This page would be up there. thanks

  37. ewwww, she got droopy boobs, and anyone who hooks up with that bag o bones is definetely in for some nice std’s ahaha , and if you are attracted to “that”, you must be some kind of necropheliac or idk. blah

  38. Anonymous says:

    Rule 34 on X-Rays

  39. This girl now has cancer

  40. Oregonerd says:

    It’s probably a 300 lb bald guy in heels. You never know!

  41. shpwrckbeevr says:

    i can’t believe there are no comments about skull fucking…

  42. jenopoly2 says:

    OMG! Great ART! But these comments!!??

  43. Well Duh says:

    @wtf!?!?!….23 : Well DUH you tard. Chicks’ boobs don’t float. As a matter of fact those are rather perky lol.

  44. no says:

    The amount of radiation from 12 full-body x-rays isn’t *THAT* big a deal, compared to the amount of background radiation. In short: no, she doesn’t have cancer now.

  45. It's me says:

    She must be blonde…she is so transparent!

  46. dg420 says:

    cant you n00bfags see this is shopped

  47. Chrisitan says:

    I had a bonner :P

  48. Kas says:

    Who says it’s a chick?

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