Laughter is the Best Medicine


May 3 was World Laughter Day, and in Hyderabad, India, they certainly celebrated. They even have a club that encourages them to laugh — not just on World Laughter Day — but every day.  Founded by Madan Kataria in 1995, the ABC Laughter Club encourages members to gather together and laugh to stay healthy. According to the club, laughter is a medicine, just like yoga or meditation can be. Because more than 70 percent of illnesses have some relation to stress, they believe that laughter can help prevent these stress-related illnesses, even if you do it for just three minutes a day.  The members of these clubs can be seen in the mornings, throwing their heads back and letting out explosive chuckles. What a way to start the day!


Children even joined in on the laughter at an event organized by the ABC Laughter Club on May 3.


I love to laugh. So do you. And so does everyone else. So, I’m thinking about starting a new club … anyone want to join?

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