Happy National Toilet Paper Day!

Despite all of mankind’s incredible achievements thus far, there’s probably not a single invention that has a greater effect on our daily lives than pre-packaged toilet paper. While it’s true that humans have used various techniques to achieve “that clean feeling” throughout history, it was Joseph Gayetty’s invention of commercially available toilet paper in 1857 that pretty much revolutionized life as we know it. If you don’t think that’s true, go a week without it and get back to us.

It’s no wonder Americans have a holiday celebrating this triumph in personal hygiene; after all, we use more of it than anyone else. The average American goes through 50lbs of T.P. in a year; in other words, half a tree.

Although the majority of it is used for obvious purposes, toilet paper has proved useful for a variety of different tasks over the years. For instance, during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 the military used toilet paper to camouflage their tanks (hopefully it was clean).

Here are some other examples:

Cheap-Chic-Weddings holds an annual contest challenging thrifty brides to design the best all-toilet paper wedding dress.

"It's the same dress my mother wore!"


Toilet paper tubes are great material for butting, er…budding astronauts.


Or for artists who don’t want to spend a lot on supplies.

They all look quite dizzy to me.


Ever-versatile, some folks enjoy toilet paper so much they’re actually addicted to eating it.


And finally, if you’re ever in a pinch toilet paper can be turned into a formidable weapon, such as a handy biodegradable prison shank.

"Honestly, it wasn't the softest I've used..."


So, the next time nature calls, don’t take that little white roll for granted. Even the worst brand of commercial toilet paper beats the heck out of using a corn cob!

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