Funny Money

4 George Washingtons

Writing on money is illegal in most countries, but that sure hasn’t stopped a few people from doing it anyway. Of course, Offbeat Earth does not condone writing or doodling on legal tender; but viewing the creations of others is highly encouraged. Here are a few amusing additions to the portraits featured on American and Canadian currency. 

Rainbow Brite Jefferson


These renditions of Thomas Jefferson as Rainbow Brite and George Washington as The Joker add a little bit of color to these otherwise bland bills.


5-Up for Abraham Lincoln!


 Andrew Jackson gets a “Spartan Spirit” makeover. 


George Washington as Ron Jeremy, complete with imposed chest hair. 


Here’s a rendition of former Canadian Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier as Spock, a fairly common tradition Canadians call “Spocking”.


Old Hickory if he had enlisted in the KISS Army.

Check out a few more pictures of money doodles at Joe D.’s Flickr stream.

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