Drivable Flintstone-mobile for Sale

If you’re feeling like modern automobiles are getting a little too gimmicky, this might be right up your alley. InAutonews is reporting that this fully drivable replica of Fred Flintstone’s Bedrock cruiser was recently for sale on the internet for the equivalent of about $3200.

Hmm...does it use a lot of "fossil" fuels?

Not a whole lot is known about the features of the car other than that it has 1.6 liter gas engine (no pedaling required) and racked up about 50,000 miles in the year since it was built. Unfortunately, failure of the brontosaurus rib rack rollover test would likely prevent the car from ever being licensed for the street in the U.S.

Luxury seats for a splinter-free driving experience.

Anti-lock brakes (provided you wear anti-lock shoes).

Not pictured: Yosemite Sam "back off!" mud flaps.

All photos via InAutoNews.

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