Don’t like reading? Read on…

Just because you don’t enjoy reading a good book, doesn’t mean there aren’t many other uses for all of those books piled up in the attic.

Below are promotional images for Anagram Bookshop in Prague, by Kaspen.

The following sculptures were created by Tom Bendtsen.  Check out his site for his complete collection.



586 Responses to “Don’t like reading? Read on…”
  1. Adele says:

    you have to admit though those may be the paperbacks that come out every month and bookstores end up throwing away scads of them! not recycling just ripping covers off and tossing in the dumpster, so those books could very well be better off being a chair than in a dumpster!

  2. Ders says:

    These are not photoshopped… learn to use the programme THEN learn to spot a fake, don’t believe me?

    Su Blackwell is an amazing paper artist and this is her website…

  3. TAS says:

    Destroying books… fools… some actually think about the enviroment… it’s a waste

  4. Jaana says:

    Your art is incredible!

    I love it.

    Oh and I hate reading by the way lol.
    but I do love art.

    awesome stuff.

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  6. La Luna says:

    These works are incredible.

    Alright, for those of you who are heartaching over the Alice in wonderland… how about a little option. Maybe… just maybe, it could be a fake.

    The smell of old paper, watching pages yellow with age are all part of a book’s appeal to a bibliophile. But when books aren’t even used but burnt, turned to mush…. wouldn’t you agree this is the better option?

  7. vival says:


  8. shaneqwa says:

    dang ;) all i 1/2 2 say islets put some shizzzzow on it + who cares about the alice in wonder land book

  9. Uke says:

    I would LOVE to have that many books… *sigh*

  10. ...hjlj says:

    what a waste. you should have donated those books, you just don’t know how many poor kids struggle just to lay their hands on a book. you should have used another material for your art, if such can be called an art given such wastage.

  11. Very cool! Yet another artistic talent applied to another medium. Creativity is endless.

  12. jackie says:

    I saw the first pictured sculpture by Tom Bendtsen at Toronto’s art festival Nuit Blanche last year. It was unfinished, but it was still amazing.

  13. Marjorie says:

    It usually hurts me to see books damaged in any way. And while it generally makes me nervous to walk into someone’s house and not see books, I would be quite contect to find books damaged in this manor in someone’s home. Very cool!

  14. Amandanwes says:

    These sculptures are imagination at it’s finest. These books that some of you are claiming are being destroyed are part of why most of us read to begin with(to use your imagination). I promise the books that they are using to make this sculptures are not rare entities. They are a dime a dozen, and as far as children that just want to lay their hands on a book, they would probaly love to lay their hands on a paint set also but does that mean we should stop painting out of guilt.

  15. shashan says:

    a is for apple…

  16. This world is full of idiots.
    There are always a few commenters on these sites that claim “photoshopped!” or “Fake!”
    But just because they aren’t capable of coming up with an original idea and completing it doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t done it.

  17. Jessica says:

    I think my inner librarian just had a heart attack.
    That is amazing, though. The artists were way talented.

  18. Usman says:

    coooooool if anyone could tell how its made

  19. Moi says:

    It’s nice work, but i couldn’t miss the fact that there are some quite old books used here, i understand that they have been bought or donated, but i still believe it’s rape (if i’m allowed to call it that), these books are possible very valuable and should be preserved not played with.

    -book lover.

  20. Amy W says:

    woah!!!!!!!! thats soo cool… Is that out of use and unwanted books or did they just gather books from the book store?

  21. pennyroll says:

    I like the lamps the best! Are these all from the same artist, or a collection of different artists?

  22. Gina says:

    These creations are simply amazing! I am almost speechless, but not quite. I can only hope to be that open to my creativity (my muse) at some point in my life. Thanks for sharing with the world.

  23. Mary says:

    I so much enjoy your talented work. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. Keep creating, we love it!!!!

  24. yoana says:

    OMG! That is sooo cool! I sent it to my friend on askyper and she was amazed!

  25. Tanzanette says:

    I guess that’s one way to make your books come to life…


    Awesome. =)

  26. fatima says:

    thats freaken awesome!!
    poor boooks!!!

  27. Helen says:

    Really? How many “artists” know a rare book from a common book? Alice looks like an early edition.

    I let some local gang kids graffiti my Eames chair. Really cool.

  28. Laura says:

    As much as some of these made me cringe at first.. I think I have an outdated encyclopedia collection that may finally have a purpose after sitting under a bed for close to a decade..

  29. melissa says:

    While I agree with those who said that we shouldn’t destroy books I found the art very beautiful!1 1/2 thumbs up!!

  30. Wendy S. says:

    I love to read…and I love these photo’s – whether they are real or not or wrong or right….it does not matter…those of us that have boxes and boxes and shelves and shelves of books can understand the concept. I’d buy two so I can do the art. LOL!

  31. Jess says:

    While I feel sad at books being destroyed at the same time I’m thinking that it’s not like there are no other copies of Alice in Wonderland anywhere, perhaps some just as loved or more valuable. I’m sure these books are not the only ones of their kind in existence so I can live with it, especially when they’re made into something beautiful.

  32. Jessica says:

    The books have not gone to waste. They were enjoyed as a book then recycled to make art. Would you rather they end up in the trash just to add to our landfills? Or even burned to add more to our already way too polluted air? Books are so cheap nowadays if you know where to look. You should see what thrift shops do with books they cant sell.

  33. Meg says:

    That is for real.

    I LOVE to read and I think these are beautiful works of art. Do you know how many books get thrown out every year? That bookstores instead of mailing the books back, rip the covers off and mail those back to save on postage? Guess where the rest of the book ends up. In the dumpster. There are tons upon tons of books that no one buys or old books that you can no longer read or the pages have started to decay. Instead of throwing out and wasting these books, art can be created and the books can provide enjoyment through other means.

    Books will soon be a thing of the past, with Kindle becoming the norm. I will never give up a physical book, but the trends I see around me don’t support a very literary future. At least these pieces of art can remind the younger generations that books exist and will always be there, allowing their imaginations to grow, instead of technology doing all of the thinking for them.

    So congrats to all the wonderful artists who made these pieces of art. I think it is beautiful!

  34. das Spiel. says:

    Incredibly Photoshopped, and absolutely needs more desu~

  35. Starya says:

    Amazing! I stumbled this :)

  36. Benjamin says:

    Wow this is awesome!! I LOVE STUMBLE

  37. Max says:

    That is so cool right!

  38. Bretty Brite says:

    This is deff not photoshopped.
    I love it all!
    so cool!

  39. Emily says:

    This is sooo cool, but u know… i hate to ruin the books. :/

  40. jess says:

    cooool. i guess

  41. Mart says:

    Everything is photoshopped on this post. Obvious.

  42. Katie says:

    Not everything is photoshopped but, yes, some are. I.e. the one with the octopus (I think it may be the kraken… not sure) and the ship, as well as the couple of pictures before it. They’re an advertisement. You know, kind of, get lost in books kind of deal. But I’m fairly sure that those are the only ones that are. As far as my two cents on if it’s a good use for books or not, if you’re not going to read them, give them to someone who will. But if they’ve seen better days, why not give them new life in a beautiful sculpture?

  43. jasmine says:

    wow these are amazing, how are they made? ( apart from the photoshopped ones ofc) im doind a project like this in art and i wondered how its done. :)

  44. Udo says:

    I give credit to all that my eyes have witnessed, which give creative conclusion that reading change lives and world. But what happens now that there are too much resources on internet?

  45. Brian Levine says:

    Nothing better than an amazing book. F. Scott Fitzgerald first editions. Mt. Gothic Tomes and Reliquary. Western history. Wonderful.

  46. Manfred says:

    Amazing, what people can do. Lots of creativity.
    I like this.

  47. Sallar says:

    They are nice, but its not cool at all. I love books. Thousands of trees… WTH ? Don’t do this people to these books. Just read them or at least show some respect.

  48. Daria says:

    Though I agree with Sallar when it comes to the destruction of books and trees, I will say that a lot of these pieces are fantastic. The creativity is amazing, and the attention to detail is just crazy!

    I particularly enjoy the mural being painted on the wall of books. It seems quite ethereal, and almost draws me in to want to read one of the books she is emerging from. Maybe that’s just me, but I like it!

    Great work!

  49. TheKay says:

    Imagine playing Jenga with some of those creations!!!

    Great stuff! :o D

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