When Taxidermy Goes Wrong

Here at Offbeat Earth, we personally think the idea of taxidermy is a little creepy. The idea of having dead animals or animal heads mounted on your wall or posed “naturally” in your house just seems a bit off. But we can appreciate the complex nature of taxidermy, and how much work it can take a skilled taxidermist to take a dead animal and make it look as if it were living again (see below for some examples).

good taxidermy

The taxidermists that did the rest of these, however, are not skilled. Looking at these pictures from Slightly Warped’s Terrible Taxidermy page, we have to wonder: Do these people even have the slightest clue as to what they’re doing, how taxidermy is actually done? (Answer: not really.)

bad taxidermy

Do they know what these animals look like in real life? Just because there is a sale on glass eyes at your local craft supplies store doesn’t mean you can take artistic liberties with an animal’s appearance.

terrible taxidermy

And, for the love of all things holy, please tell us that people didn’t actually pay for these monstrosities.

taxidermy gone wrong

Bad taxidermy: If it’s dead, they can make it look worse.

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