A Death Set In Stone

This method of execution is a typical one within the Sicilian mafia. To them, it’s a process well worth the time and effort because it gets the point across very well. This is a perfect example of how inhumane people have become. Although it’s almost certain this man chose to live a life that would’ve ended similarly, people don’t deserve to have their lives taken away in such a brutal way.


The following is very disturbing…











Barrel Concrete Death

Barrel Concrete Death

Barrel Concrete Death

Barrel Concrete Death

As you can see in the last picture, they murdered him with a little taste left in his mouth.

17 Responses to “A Death Set In Stone”
  1. Alex says:

    I think that talking about humans being inhumane makes absolutely no sense. We all know what humans are capable of and even more important — they’re not only capable of doing horrible things, they just do them. So WTF is inhumane about anything humans do? No offense, but this romantic view on human beings annoys me.

  2. Rara says:

    humans are the most cruel beings on earth- we’re the one specie that should actually get extinct.

  3. D says:

    Rara: I think you’d probably get more votes for mosquito extinction.

  4. John says:

    Truely disgusting but truely it is. Man the biggest killer on earth.

  5. justme says:

    haha I have seem a tiger tare a human to shreds with its claws and teeth, we are by far the harshest species out there.

  6. Douglas says:

    I feel this post about wost pictures of the guy welded inside a
    55 gal. drum is too explicite!

  7. lol says:

    justme: the tiger done it because he was disturbed, annoyed or wanted to eat. humans do that sort of things because we can, and we cen think of teh most painful ways to do the job. we know of this thing called cruelty, while in animal standards – it does’nt exsist. therefor – WE ARE THE MOST CRUALEST SPECIES ON EARTH

  8. Brian says:

    humans are the only species that kill like cowards.
    enough said

  9. Jikaru says:

    @lol: Im sure the mafia did this cause they were “disturbed, annoyed, or wanted to eat”, how else do they get the money that guy owed them? Its called survival…This is only artificial selection because a human did it. Im sure if a tiger was as creative you would laugh.

    @Brian: Not true, most animals are very cowardice when killing.
    @justme: we may be harsh, but we are not the harshest. We are the top of the food chain and if you want to keep it that way, grow some balls. Its a “dog eat dog world” as they say…its kill or be killed. Im sure humans do the same because they either feel threatened or not respected. Animals have the same feelings.

    @everyone: We are just animals just like everything else that has the capability of fighting for their right to live. just because we have an imagination and send messages to each other doesn’t mean its bad. Get with the program people, death happens every single day, for the past 12,000 plus years…its nothing new or different.

  10. This Man says:

    @Jikaru: tl;dr

  11. i know what you did on says:

    fuck thats disturbing and inhumane and disgusting and cruel…

  12. Johnny B says:

    I’m sick of fucking yuppies talking about how horrible people are. Yeah no shit, but look at the rest of the animal world. They fight all the time, at least people have the mind to realize they do bad shit.
    “yeah well animals don’t use nukes on other animals”, you think if lions were smart enough to create nukes they would chase gazelle? And you think if gazelle could make nukes the lions would ever fuck with them again.
    Pull your head out of your ass, humanity is great!

  13. The GODFATHER says:

    The Son Of A Bitch deserved it….I made him an offer,…he refused……..I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE,…I…DRINK…YOUR MILKSHAKE….DRAINAGE…DRAINAGE.!!!!….You silly boy!

  14. humans kill more of ourselves than any other species
    humans kill more of EACH other species than any other species
    if the last 1000 years didnt happen, earth would be much better and have tons more life


    humans are the only species that hav sex for fun

  15. @Jikaru in @justme
    and @Johnny B

    Humans don’t get the right to do everything how we want just because we are the most tarded species on earth. I mean, you cant even type. and we take the kill or e killed too seriously, we don’t stop.

  16. Russell Peters says:

    somebody got a hurt real bad

  17. Krista says:

    to avidan the sane:

    Humans are not the only species that have sex for fun. Dolphins also do it for fun.

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