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The most talked about feature on Apple’s new iPhone 4S is Siri, the personal digital assistant that can help you with everything from ordering a pizza to remembering your mom’s birthday. Naturally, as soon as customers got the new phone in their hands they decided to do everything they could to stump Siri with ridiculous questions and requests. And while Siri might be just a software program, she’s not exactly a pushover.

The blog Shit That Siri Says has put together a collection of screen caps from some of the more entertaining Siri conversations so far; here are a few of our favorites:

Licorice Pencil

If you’re a habitual pencil or pen chewer, you’re probably already aware of the dangers for potential lead poisoning/ink stains. If however you just have to satisfy those oral fixation cravings at the office, this might be the answer.

Created by Italian designer Cecilia Felli, the pencil, called Matitizia, is made from pure licorice root and only contains a small amount of lead, so you can chew it down to a nub if you’re really stressed out.

As simple as the invention is, it looks like there are no plans to mass produce it. Therefore, anyone with a pile of licorice and plenty of time on their hands could be looking at a new business opportunity.

Via Foodiction.

Exploding Houses

Looking like something out of a scene from Inception, these houses in Houston, Texas have been “modified” using their own wood siding to create the effect of jaw-dropping frozen explosions.

Artists Dean Ruck and Dan Havel have done this to several Houston homes over the last few years, all of which were slated for demolition. They’re just temporary pieces, as they’d probably be a little drafty to live in.

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Fake Ben & Jerry’s Flavors

Ben & Jerry’s is known for making ice cream with lighthearted titles, chopped up candy, and lots of calories. And while the company does occasionally make the news for risqué flavors such as “Schweddy Balls”, their iconic container has lately become better recognized as a canvas for pop culture references. Unfortunately, you won’t find any of the following flavors in your grocer’s freezer, but we can dream…

3-D Copies of Your Face?

If you can’t come up with any decent costume ideas for Halloween this year, why not go as yourself? Japanese company REAL-f has developed the nightmarish technology to create incredibly accurate 3-D copies of the human face down to the most minute detail.

"Hello, beautiful."

REAL-f starts by taking photos of your face from multiple angles; these images are then imprinted onto vinyl chloride resin stretched over a mold. The end result, called a 3DPF (3 Dimension Photo Form), is so accurate it even recreates your irises, pores, blood vessels and facial hair. We can’t think of a better way to get a restraining order.

With double-facepalm capability.

Prices start at $3,920 with additional copies available for $780 each. If an exact copy of your face isn’t quite strange enough, you can get a replica of your entire head for just under $6,000. Not exactly cheap, but with the number of pranks you could pull with one of these, it might just be worth it…

Suddenly, Phil realized his bank robbery plan might not work.

"For best results, store in roomate's dark closet."


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London Leaf Road

Though it may appear to be Photoshopped or maybe part of an urban art project, one section of London tarmac really does look like this:

Although falling leaves in October are to be expected in the Northern Hemisphere, a recent London heat wave caused these leaves to fall onto unseasonably hot asphalt. The leaves blew off the older sections of pavement, but stuck to the newer, softer sections creating interesting patterns that just don’t look natural. Thousands of car tires have further affixed the leaves, ensuring they’ll stay put for quite some time.

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The 110 Hour Workweek

Think you’re overworked? New York Psychiatrist Dr. Quazi Raham has you beat. In 2009 Raham worked a total of 3,820 hours of overtime, averaging 110 working hours per week!

Sleep is for the weak.

Of course, Dr. Raham was well-compensated for his efforts. In 2009 he took home $515,700 in overtime pay alone over his base salary of $173,503.

Raham was able to accrue these hours by working up to 55 consecutive days without a day off; in one record week managing to rack up 141 hours! This was possible because Raham was able to take mid-shift naps during periods of downtime at his hospital, a common practice for medical professionals.

Luckily, the hospital hired more staff in 2010, and Raham was only forced to work 1,959 hours of overtime last year…

Story via.

Exploding Popsicle Stick Star

I’m sure I’m not the only one who made Popsicle stick throwing stars as a kid. It’s simple; you arrange ten sticks in a star shape, layering them so the tension holds the sticks together. After that, you throw it at something (or someone), it explodes and you get sent to detention.


The TOTO Toilet Bike

If you’re feeling the crunch at the gas pump, it turns out that the solution might be gas of a different kind.

No room for passengers. That's probably for the best.

Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO has created a motorcycle that runs entirely on biogas, in this case provided completely by the rider. Perched upon a custom TOTO toilet-saddle, the user can fill the bike’s tank simply by emptying their own. Being as the bike runs entirely on human waste, it could theoretically run indefinitely so long as you have to “go” enough.

Easy Rider.

Far from just a concept, the TOTO toilet bike will embark on a month long tour of Japan on October 6th to prove that the technology works. Whether or not biogas will be a viable alternative to fossil fuels remains to be seen, but there is absolutely no way you can call this vehicle “green”!

The moon hubcaps seem appropriate.

The exhaust pipes have me a little worried.

Story and photos via Spoon & Tamago and TOTO.

Beer – Not just for Drinking

Beer is one of the oldest and most celebrated beverages in the history of the world. And as nice as it would be to crack a cold one any time you please, it’s not always the best idea, say at the office or on a road trip.

Luckily, breweries and other creative companies are coming up with more ways to fit the refreshing “hoppy”ness of an ice cold beer into our daily lives….

Beer-flavored popcorn


Beer cheese dip!

All photos via their respective product manufacturers.

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