10 Examples Of How To Ruin A Picture

Ruined Picture

Ruined Picture

Ruined Picture

Ruined Picture

Ruined Picture

Ruined Picture

Ruined Picture

Ruined Picture

Ruined Picture

Ruined Picture

68 Responses to “10 Examples Of How To Ruin A Picture”
  1. Jennifer says:

    OMG!! WOW!!

  2. Nimrod says:

    I laughed out loud. Funny stuff. The turd in the toilet…classic. The mid-barf caught at its most dramatic.


  4. running ushi says:

    whizzle thizzle shizzle.
    so gizzle, i fizzle lizzle izzle!!!:D

  5. Kilgore Trout says:

    Heyba Manba whatba arba youba doobing?

  6. Andrea says:

    Hahahaha! Those are great! the poop in the toilet pic is hilarious

  7. don says:

    i am beginning to think that some pics are staged. for sure some are just accidents, but some are planned beforehand.

  8. Hannah says:

    The shit in the toilet adds to the girl’s overall sexiness. ;)

  9. Dubs says:

    Toilet girl appears to have hair on chest.

    A couple new ones here – Thumbed up.

  10. WIll says:

    AWWWW what the fuuuccckkkkkk
    I was just eating supper.. then i got to the last one and now i’m not hungry :(

  11. alv says:

    Oh my god, the girl in picture four is so freaking hot, I don’t even see the guy behind them :-D

  12. jerk says:

    old pics boring post

  13. nate says:

    In the fifth picture, I actually thought the giant pink panther was the reason it was posted, but then I looked to the right…

  14. sir jorge says:

    someone, quick, write FAIL on each one.

  15. Jadams says:

    Hmm…I think I have that exact same dildo…

  16. FUTUR3_LADy_KAz says:

    DiSz JUNk H3LLA FUNNy i R3ALLy THiNK 1,6&&7 WAS DA B3ST

  17. michele says:

    Pretty funny stuff, I am sure these memories will be treasured more now then if it was justa regular pic.

  18. pufje says:


    I love it :P

  19. mommy g says:

    i think “toilet girl” has a tat–but i’m not sure, and i DON’T care to get close enough to find out for sure…thass juss NASSty.

  20. Handrew says:

    The toilet one was definitely staged she missed her lip and dirty sanchaz’d her chest to match the floater

  21. james says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAH! an albino! run awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  22. i8Ramen says:

    i think the kid in #9 saw #10 and barfed

  23. anika says:

    hahahahaaaa!!!!!! some of them are soo funny!!! lol i mean jeez!! lol the last girl lol at least flush the flippin chain when u decide its a good idea to do a toilet shot lol :D !!! heyyyy is that guy an albino on photo 8!!!! wow

  24. Vaan says:

    Number 5 is my favourite one I think. All those black rappers all trying to look serious for a photo and then some white guy gets in all smiling with his mouth wide open and ruins it for all the black guys. It’s hilarious. I’m white by the way.
    Also on the last picture with the floater in the toilet is that shit I see between her breasts aswell.

  25. Levy says:

    I’m not sure the last one was a good picture regardless of what’s in the toilet.

  26. Duece says:

    wow, is dat shit in the toilet?(last pic)eww….come on…could’ve flushed it first b4 taking a pic.

  27. Mario says:

    In the wanna be rapper group, is that dude wearing a pink panther shirt or is he a gay Snoop Dogg fan?

  28. Fuck It says:

    In that last one, that bitch didn’t drop a turd, she gave birth!

  29. luluwa says:

    omg hahah.. the white guy is soo creepy ! and yeah mid puke action classic.. and the lady who looks like lester the molester wow can u say really bad timing to itch those crabs?

  30. mr whipple says:

    in case you didnt notice, lil miss turd doesnt use paper either

  31. bloger says:

    funny pics, thanx

  32. plllb says:

    the base ball team is my favorite.

  33. Towelie says:

    I love the shit in the loo one. that gave me an instant rock-on.

  34. Rosa says:

    Yuck but too funny to not look.

  35. Eyebee says:

    It’s a few minutes fun, and why not?

  36. Sugarllama says:

    Nice dook in the toilet on that last one

  37. paresh says:

    6th sense in photography.

  38. sam says:

    most of them are more gross than funny.
    but the one with the creepy old man is hilarious.

  39. MagicTeddy says:

    Hahhaaa, So true!

  40. JokesBoy says:

    ROLF ! LMAO ! I think most of these pics are fake ;) but still damn funny.

  41. Loli says:

    omgosh, the girls in the third picture are o damn hot.

  42. Aaron says:

    funny, but a little obvious with the red circles. It’s funner when you have to look a little, like “where’s Waldo”

  43. Mark says:

    The last picture may be the funniest. I received that picture in an email once with the caption “If you’re going to take pictures of yourself in your underwear for MySpace, at least have the decency to flush”. HA HA!



  44. ouchdude says:

    wow that girl in the bathroom is disguting

  45. Dennis says:

    Ewww for the last one.

  46. Octopus Rox says:

    Ya, right. I think this should be called “how to make bad pictures slightly better.” :P

  47. alec says:

    4th pic down is that Fez from that 70′s show?

  48. don gizalino says:

    these photos are funny as hell……..but the pig with the doo doo in the toilet….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww…what did she eat that day……????corn????micky dees????a whole pig?????what the fu@k is wrong with her???was she holding it for like a week?????heres one for you ma…..alot of water and some pepto bismo

  49. the last picture is so funny lol~~~

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