Renaissance Staple Paintings

Oil paints and polished stones are the accepted mediums for some of the greatest works of art in history; now we can add office supplies to that list.


Baptiste Debombourg creates incredibly detailed Renaissance-style works of art using nothing but staples, sometimes hundreds of thousands of them in a single piece. Who’d have guessed you could do all this with a Swingline?

Weird Sports – Blindfolded Boxing

Our feature on chess boxing last year proved that it’s entirely possible to add a new aspect to this hard-hitting sport, but it’s hardly the first time something like that has been attempted…

Float like bat, flail like a mole.

Apparently, blindfolded boxing was all the rage in the 1940’s. It forced competitors to rely heavily on their other senses and vast boxing experience. It was also incredibly hilarious to watch, as this classic British Pathé film demonstrates.

Modern Flintstone’s House for Sale

If you’re feeling a little caught up in the stresses of modern life, perhaps a trip back to the Stone Age is in order.

Though this house looks like it belongs in Bedrock, it’s actually located in Malibu and is owned by radio icon Dick Clark, who has it listed for sale for $3.5 million. That might seem pretty steep, but that three and a half mil also gets you 23 acres and a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. All that’s missing is pterodactyl turntable and a nosy next door neighbor!


Amazing Tobacco Sculptures

Artist Janio Nunez is a former cigar roller from Cuba. Not satisfied simply rolling tobacco leaves, Janio now makes incredibly detailed sculptures using nothing but the dried leaves and glue. He plans to start a museum of his work soon, hopefully not next to this guy’s work.


24-Hour Cupcake Machine

Meet the ATM machine that dispenses cupcakes instead of cash.



Owned by Sprinkles, a well-known L.A. bakery, this little pink ATM in Beverly Hills can dispense gourmet cupcakes, mixes, and dog treats 24 hours a day. Sprinkles calls it the “world’s first cupcake automat”. We call it an idea that hopefully catches on!



Father & Son Celebrate 11th Birthdays Together

Young Seamus Clark loves joking about being “older” than his father, even if it isn’t really true. Seamus turned eleven years old on the 28th of February, just a few hours before his father James celebrated his own eleventh birthday on the 29th.

Photo: Caters

Although James was born in 1968 and is 44 years old, being born on February 29th means he’s only celebrated eleven birthdays, as this “leap day” only happens once every four years.


The Leap Year Explained

While we do like to explore the offbeat side of things on this spinning blue ball, sometimes the earth itself is a little wacky. If you have a calendar handy you probably know that tomorrow is February 29th, meaning 2012 is a leap year. But why have leap years at all?


Thanks for lengthening winter.

Thankfully, popular Youtube-er CGPGrey explains all in yet another one of his awesome, informative videos. Science!

Eating Nothing but Pizza for 31 Years

Some people don’t like to eat their veggies, but this is ridiculous. Claire Simmons of London admits that she has eaten nothing but cheese pizza every day for 31 years.

Photo: The Sun

While that may sound like heaven to junk food lovers, doctors warn that her unusual diet could lead to serious health problems down the road.

However, the 33 year-old states that any other type of food is unpalatable and literally makes her shake. Her solution for long-term health? “I keep myself healthy with exercise and drink a lot of water”.


Duff Beer is Real

For much of the last several decades Duff beer has been the best known fictitious beverage in the world. The swill of choice for Homer Simpson, Duff is now a real beer you can purchase in many parts of the world.

Described as “a premium German pilsner that poses a crisp, light refreshing taste along with iconic packaging”, Duff is distributed throughout the U.K. and parts of Western Europe. Iconic as it may be, it’s a little pricey. A six pack will run you about $20.

Ancient Japanese Fart Scrolls

It’s understandable if you think fart jokes are a little vulgar, but they’re certainly nothing new. In fact, the folks over at Tofugu have discovered an entire Japanese scroll that features nothing but people farting on each other, at objects, and generally using their flatulence as a weapon. Who says history has to be dull?

For more info on “The Fart Battle” visit Tofugu.

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